google ppc campaign basics

Google pay-per-click basics

Paid marketing campaigns, while popular, are beginning to become increasingly difficult to manage from a cost perspective.  They’re effective for immediate results and can, of course, directly impact your site’s ranking, but they can also be a major dice roll.  How much of a dice roll you ask? Well, in some cases, the costs associated […]

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seo and social media

Organic SEO & Social Media – They Work Together

It’s 2017.  There are no more secrets about how heavily every generation is using Social Media these days, and while it’s often looked upon as a nuisance by some, it’s quite possibly one the fastest ways to reach your target audience with spending the least amount of time and money to do so.  Had you asked […]

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bootstrap or wordpress

WordPress or Twitter Bootstrap?

This seems to be a common question in the ‘new site build’ world, but it shouldn’t be.  Contemplating between using an HTML framework and a CMS can be figured out by answering a few questions on your own, allowing you to make this decision with ease and, more importantly, without looking back. If you’re about […]

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organic search strategy

Thinking of running a PPC campaign? Read this first…

Let’s face it – Google sort of runs the world. And if your business is looking to increase its web presence and/or online sales, there is a definite need to consider advertising on Google. And though – if done correctly – it can be a very successful approach to getting immediate results, many small businesses […]

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